• Tax Base Compliance Services
    • International Taxation Services
    • Special Purpose Audits
    • Due Diligence Audit
    • Company Valuation Services
    • VAT Return Services
    • Financial Process Audits
    • Special Purpose CPA Certification Services

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Legislation- Risk and Process Management

  • Consulting in Company Corporate Management Processes (General Assembly, Board of Directors, etc.)
  • Family Constitution And Institutionalization Process Management
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Trade Registry Operations Process Management
  • Personal Data Protection Compliance Consultancy
  • Intellectual and Industrial Rights Compliance Consultancy

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Technical Payroll and Personnel Incentive Solutions

  • Personnel Salary, Additional Earnings and Overtime Work Calculations
  • Legal Deduction Calculations From Wages (Tax, SSI Premiums, Court Stable Deductions, BES with Automatic Participation)
  • Staff R&D Incentive Calculations for R&D / Design Centers and Technocities
  • Preparation / Loading of Fee, AGI, Advance, Premium Payment Lists for Banks and
  • Financial Institutions
  • Use of BES Portals with Automatic Participation
  • Staff Wage Reports
  • Sending Fee Account Compass
  • Staff Budget Reports and Implementations
  • Legal Notices
  • Concise and Premium Service Declaration Notification
  • Execution of Personnel SSI Recruitment Procedures
  • Employment Incentives Management

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Financial Consultancy and Accounting Solutions

  • Legal Accounting Services (Bookkeeping)
  • E-ledger Accounting Services
  • R&D Center / Design Center / Teknokent Accounting Services
  • Tax Declaration Services
  • Accounting System Installation and Maintenance Service
  • Financial Reporting Services (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Budget, Cash Flow)
  • Capacity Report, Domestic Goods Document, Chamber of Industry Registry
  • Membership
  • Financial Advisory and All CPA Services

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Patent Applications and Process Management

  • Patent Innovation and Violation Analysis
  • Patent, Utility Model Registration Services
  • Patent Based Competitor-Technology Tracking Services
  • Brand, Design Preliminary Research and Monitoring Services
  • Brand, Design and Copyright Registration Services
  • Advisory to Compliance with New Industrial Property Legislation
  • Strategic Intellectual Property Management Consultancy

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