Tax Consultancy

  • Tax Planning Consultancy
  • Support and Incentive Consultancy
  • R&D Center Consultancy
  • Design Center Consultancy
  • Technology Development Zones Consultancy

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Legislation and Risk Management Consultancy

  • Preventive Consultancy within the Scope of Legislation, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Contract Process Management Consultancy
  • International Contract Consultancy
  • International Investment and Finance Consultancy
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Business, Social Security and Human Resources Process Consultancy
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Consultancy
  • R&D Legislation and Compliance Consultancy
  • Start-Up Consultancy
  • KVKK Consultancy
  • Information and Technology Legislation and Contract Consultancy
  • Sustainability and Institutionalization in Family Companies

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R&D and Innovation Management

  • Creating and Managing Firm's R&D and Innovation Strategies
  • Analysis / Installation / Technical Sustainability Studies for R&D Centers
  • Analysis / Installation / Technical Sustainability Studies for Design Centers
  • Technical Consultancy for Start-Up and Incubation Centers
  • KOSGEB Supported TEKMER Installation and Sustainability
  • Technology Transfer Management
  • FSMH Transfer and Investor Matching
  • Academic Counseling for Cooperation Between Academy and Industry
  • Project Focused Instructor - Making Firm Matches

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National Fund Resources Management

  • Project Application and Reporting for National R&D Funds (TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB etc. .. Fund Supports)
  • Company Establishment and Sustainability to Take Part in Technology Development Zones (Technopark)
  • Application File Preparation and Post Acceptance Sustainability Consultancy for TURQUALITY Program
  • File Preparation and Sustainability Consultancy for HAMLE Program
  • Ministry of Trade Grant / Incentive Supports
  • Development Funds Consultancy (Development Agencies, IPA Projects etc.)
  • Integrated and Institutional Fund Management

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International Fund Resources Management

If the beginning seems unclear in terms of the first steps to be taken, the connections to be established, the paths to be followed when you think of establishing and growing your business in other countries, we are with you to establish a clear bridge between you with a good start.

At first Horizon 2020 as the center of the European Union R & D and Innovation Program in Brussels, more companies from Turkey, academics and institutions have created our structuring for more active involvement in international collaborations creating projects and collaborations.

Project Application and Reporting for International Funds (HORIZON, EUROKA etc. .. Fund Supports)

  • Establishing R&D Based National / International Collaborations
  • International Project Application Document Configuration and Project Application
  • International Financial and Technical Progress Reports and Coordination
  • Access to International Funding Programs and Institutional Roadmap
  • Follow-up of Programs / Projects and Positive Lobby Works with Our Brussels Liaison Office and Local Solution Partners
  • Providing Communication Organization with Possible Stakeholders by Developing R&D Partnerships within the Framework of Foreign Expansion Strategies. Logistics Supports
  • EU Funds Based Activity Analysis / Suggestions / Process Management
  • Awareness, Project Writing and Project Management Trainings for International R&D Programs (H2020, Eureka, Era-Net etc.)

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Patent Valuation and Commercialization

  • Patent and Utility Model Evaluation Service
  • Patent and Utility Model Valuation Service
  • Brand, Know-How Valuation Service
  • Patent and Utility Model Tax Exemption Analysis and Application Service
  • Financial and Financial Assessment Service of Intangible Rights
  • Patent Commercialization Services
  • Intellectual Property Legislation Consultancy
  • Intellectual Property Law Consultancy

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M&A and Corporate Finance Consultancy

M&A Consulting

  • Management of negotiations and processes in company transfers on behalf of shareholders.
  • M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) transaction configuration
  • Target company evaluation and analysis in company transfers
  • Company review on the transaction (due diligence (financial, tax, legislation, law, patents, information technologies, etc.))
  • Company valuation services
  • Coordination / management of the procurement debt financing process with banks
  • Finding debt financing from local and international markets and managing the process
  • New investment feasibility analysis

Access to Venture Capital Funds

  • Making the company ready for venture capital funds and investment
  • Positioning of the company before venture capital funds
  • Coordination / management of all financial, tax, legal and commercial negotiations on investment
  • Coordination of the principles of legal contracts between the company and shareholders and venture capital funds

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