This privacy notice, explains our way as SİSTEM GLOBAL DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş. (Will be referred to as “Sistem Global” from here on), of collection, storage and usage of data from individuals who visit this website. By using this website, you’re giving permission to the collection and use of the data that are specified in this privacy notice.


    1.1. Unidentified Data – Similar to many others, this website automatically collects certain information from its users: the internet protocol address (IP address) of your computer, the date and time you accessed this website, the page you used to access this website, your operating system, the sections of the website you visited, the pages you visited on the website, the data/information you viewed on the website and the material you upload to or download from the website are among the data that is automatically collected. The data is used for this website, for system management and for he improvement of this website. In view of our legal obligations stemming from “The law on regulation of publications on the internet and suppression of crimes committed by means of such publications” numbered 5651 and the related regulations, some of the aforementioned data may be recorded and upon request from the related judiciary and administrative authorities, may be shared with these authorities.

    1.2. Identification Data (Cookies) – This website uses “Cookies” technology. This technology, by uploading data to the user’s computer, enables the determination of the visits from the web user to the website. “Cookies” enchances the use and convenience of the websites. The data provided by “Cookies” will ensure your recognition as an old user of the website, will enable the tracking of your activity on the website in order to adequately adhere to your needs, will provide the contents of the website for your use, will facilitate the automatic creation of online forms with your personal data and will enchance your experience with the website.

    If your browser allows it, you can block “Cookies” although this may affect your experience with the website and may prevent you from reaching some features of the website. To block “Cookies”: for Chrome, go to “Settings/Privacy/Content Preferences/Turn Off Cookies”; for Safari, go to Settings/Preferences/Block All Cookies; for Internet Explorer go to Settings/Internet Settings/Privacy/Preferences; for Firefox go to Menu/ Options/Privacy/Cookies/Until Firefox is shut down”.


    2.1. Data tracking – Sistem Global, using non-personal data, can compose user statistics and can compile data tracking reports regarding the use of the website and can share these reports with others. None of the information in the reports will be tied to the identity of the user nor to personal data.

    2.2. Personal data – With the “Register” feature on our website, we aim to inform you on Sistem Global and on our areas of practice. In this regard, in order for us to contact you, we provide the possibility for you to share your name, surname and e-mail address with us. We may gather, collect, store, use,process, share or impart only in accordance with The Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the present privacy notice. For further details about your rights within the scope of The Law No. 6698 on the protection of Personal Data, please read “Privacy Statement” (in Turkish “Aydınlatma Bildirimi”) that we’ve shared on this website.
    We wait you to share only your personal data via “Register” button on our website. If you’re an intermediary or you’re informing us on behalf of third parties, this will mean that you’ve assumed responsibility as the authorized representative of the person whose information is being shared and that you’ve obtained all necessary permission from them for us to gather, process, collect and disclose their data. Since we’ve obtained the data of third parties from you, it’s your responsibility to inform these third parties of all contents of this Privacy Notice, preferably to provide a copy of the notice to them and to redirect them to our website.


    Sistem Global is aware of the importance of the protection of Children’s privacy, especially in online platforms. Although the website is not specifically designed for children, in order to perform the services on your behalf, data of children may be required to be collected and storage.
    However, avoiding intentional collection and storage the data of children (persons under 18), is one of our fundamental principles.


    The Personal Data we gather through this website and using other methods, can be processed and used by us for the following purposes:
    • For the management of the website;
    • To send bulletins and/ or to expedite announcements about Sistem Global’s services and products;
    • To update our records and;
    • To personalize our services according to you and to collect the data you’ve submitted to us that belongs to you or to third parties.


    Your personal data will not be shared with third parties outside of the scope of this Privacy Notice. Your personal data, can be disclosed to the institutions who accept to process the data in accordance with this Privacy Notice and whose management is overseen by Sistem Global’s management. Personal data, in accordance with the purpose of collection of the data, can be disclosed to third parties who work on our behalf. These third parties are responsbile with processing the data only with the specified purposes, with not selling the Personal Data to third parties and not disclosing the data to third parties outside of the scope of primarily the The Law on the protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 and of this Privacy Notice.
    In accordance with the law, with a court order or with other official regulations, in order to aid legal or criminal investigations, personal data can be disclosed to third parties.


    6.1. Security – We are working on keeping the computer network, applications and the database, secure and closed off to unauthorized access. If you have security concerns regarding some of you Personal Data, please don’t send them via the Internet.
    6.2. Other Websites – Our website can link to other websites or internet sources.
    When you click one of those links you’re entering a different website or internet source. This source, according to your preference, can gather data from you, using “Cookies” or similar technologies. Sistem Global is not responsible for, nor has any control over these websites or internet sources gathering, collecting and disclosing your data. You should check the privacy policies of other websites and internet sources in order to understand how your data will be gathered and used.
    6.3. Modifications to the Privacy Notice – Sistem Global, may modify this Privacy Notice or may include additions. In this case Sistem Global will share an updated Privacy Notice on its website.