Sistem Global decided to go global to help our clients operate in international markets, having provided them with quality and reliable service for 24 years. In the initial stage of our global structuring, we entered into a strategic business partnership with SCS Global Consultancy in 2014 and began serving companies from Japan looking to come to Turkey and build a business here. We then founded our Brussels office in 2018, London office in 2019 and Berlin and Singapore offices in 2020. With the assistance of country coordinators and competent solution partners in Brussels, London, Berlin and Singapore, we also offer our customers support with their globalization processes.

We established a foothold in Brussels, the capital of the European Union and a center for international R&D and innovation programs such as Horizon 2020 and Eureka, to give more local companies, scientists and institutions the opportunity to establish international collaborations and participate more actively in international R&D fund projects! We also provide support for companies and institutions looking to have a standing on the global stage through multilateral technology and R&D programs and European technology platforms.

We are in London because we want to take advantage of the dynamic and growing market opportunities in the United Kingdom and offer our customers the opportunity to open up to global markets!

We are in Berlin because we want to offer our customers new opportunities in Germany, one of the strongest economies in the world!

We are in Singapore, one of the most important centers of the region with its technology, financial and legal infrastructure, because we want to exploit commercial opportunities in the rapidly growing and developing Southeast Asian market and create opportunities for our customers

We have put together for our valued customers a service package to use with their global operations;


We provide the following services to help clients speed up their globalization processes and offer support with their operations to ensure their business continuity.

  • Incorporation
    • Assignment of a local director
    • Virtual or fixed office address and mail management
    • Support with opening a bank account
  • Accounting and Tax Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Legal Counseling

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Market Research Report

In the global world, it is very important to be on the "unique" side in order to be competitive. To be unique, you need to understand and analyze what your competitors are doing, what your customer need.

Every market has its own cultural, sociological and economic dynamics. You need to understand these and position your product accordingly and apply befitting sales and marketing methods. You need to determine your value proposition for the target market, your target group and its buying habits. You need to tailor your marketing materials and your website to meet consumer expectations.

"Market research" is important to get off to a good start in today's tough market conditions and create a roadmap through necessary business analyses and become successful. In this way, you take the first and most important step towards success by a correct pricing and positioning of your product and delivering it to the most suitable person at the most suitable place and time using the most suitable method. For these reasons, we believe a company- and industry-specific market research report is very important to get it right from the scratch. With the market research report you create your strategy roadmap.

Market research comprises of two stages and may include the following sub-sections. The content of the market research report takes its final shape according to the requirements / needs of the client.

Pre-market entry report;

  • Identification of target markets for products that are to be sold in foreign markets
  • Prioritization of cities/regions for sales activities in target markets.


Market entry report;

  • Competitors' sales strategies, market shares, customer types
  • Correct positioning of the Product/Brand/Company 
  • Identifying the right products/services for the market
  • Researching the laws and required documents
  • Researching the documents and permits required for export
  • Sales price and profitability analysis
  • Reporting and budgeting of potential sales channels and methods 
  • Identification of potential business partners (agents, dealers)
    • Identification of the necessary advertising and marketing materials
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Business Development

With our Business Development Service, we handle sales management processes and make concrete contributions for our customers. We work to maximize the sales prowess and efficiency of our solution partners and reduce costs through an experienced sales team.

Depending upon the requirements of our customers and the market requirements, we offer services in three main categories.

  • Private or shared sales agent

 Our main focus is on the realization of B2B and B2C sales of your products in foreign markets. To that end, we employ a sales management approach which includes a joint (2/4 days a week - optional) or company-specific sales service in order to achieve the sales targets of our customers. Our sales teams are led by experienced sales group managers.

Service Scope:

Shared or private sales representative
Performance management and reporting
Dedicated landline, fixed office address
Content and/or digital marketing support

  •  Finding a Local Business Partner

We identify suitable local business partners if you do not wish to be a direct seller of products in your target market, or if you need a solution partner.

Service Scope:

Listing potential business partners and creating a short list with the customer

Support during the meetings

  • Public tenders

We pursue appealing public tenders for our clients in London, Berlin and Singapore.

Service Scope:

Customer registration on relevant platforms

Application and document preparation

Monitoring and seeing the process through to the end.

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Incentives and Grants for Türkiye and Target Countries

It is very important that you have access to funds to open up to international markets and expand your business. We enable you to benefit from the Export Incentives of the Ministry of Trade and the grants paid out by the Small and Medium Industry Development Organization. Once we get your new business up and running in your target country, we get on with finding the right incentives and grants for you offered locally. Our main goal is to create financial resources from which you can benefit.

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M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Sistem Global offers its clients integrated, end-to-end counseling services at international standards for M & A transactions.

Service Scope:

  • End-to-end process management counseling for the buyer or seller
  • Financial, fiscal, legal, technological review - Buyer
  • Financial, fiscal, legal, technological review - Seller
  • Commercial and Market Due Diligence
  • Post-Merger and Acquisition Services (Integration Processes)
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Global Health Sector Opportunities

The Turkish healthcare sector has made great progress thanks to increased accessibility, investments by the public and private sectors, and its structure through which it can provide world-class healthcare services with its strong infrastructure. There are around 1400 domestic manufacturers in the medical devices sector, and they manufacture a wide range of products from simple consumables to medium- and high-technology products which are in compliance with the European Union regulations and quality standards.

Sistem Global, which began operating in the UK in recent years as part of its steps to globalization, is opening the doors to the UK for the Turkish healthcare companies through its collaboration with Vera Global (a London-based company with a 17-year experience in the Turkish healthcare sector). With its qualified staff, Sistem Global aims to create the opportunity of a new market for healthcare companies, particularly those wishing to make sales in the UK and enter the market.

The healthcare sector, which is one of the largest industries in the UK, continues to maintain and even increase its importance in the wake of the pandemic. In the healthcare sector with its very wide framework, the market size in the UK, which has a particularly large medical devices sector, being the 2nd and 6th largest in Europe and the world, respectively, is over £10 billion.

Local medical device manufacturers consist of small-scale manufacturers. There are around 3000 local medical device manufacturers. Companies, including American manufacturers and those from other countries, make sales through their companies or affiliates in the UK. The strong suit of UK manufacturers mostly consists of orthopedics, imaging devices and cardiac devices. In addition to purchases from local manufacturers, the UK constantly imports a large number of medical devices. Entrance to the market can take some time and resources due to fierce competition. Here, the NHS (National Health Service) in particular, is completely a government agency and the most important purchaser of medical devices and other healthcare products. Reaching the NHS, which has approximately 1260 hospitals, is possible through proper pricing, tender follow-up, and proper management of procurement processes. The NHS is also the world’s largest employer with 1.3 million employees. During non-pandemic periods, approximately 835,000 people visit the healthcare centers, 50,000 people receive emergency services and 36,000 people visit the hospitals by appointment on a daily basis.

In order to better understand the potential of the UK healthcare sector, it would suffice to look at the figures below. Benefit from the collaboration between Sistem Global and Vera Global to enjoy the potential of this market.

  United Kingdom
Population 64,088,222
Language English
Total healthcare expenditures $252 billion
Percentage of GDP in healthcare expenditures (% of GDP) 9.1%
Healthcare expenditures per person $3935 (USD)
Healthcare expenditures

State: 83%
Private: 17%


  United Kingdom
Medical devices market (USD) $9.5 milyar(USD)
Number of patient beds 2.9 (for every 1000 persons)
By age Ages 0-14 : 17%
Ages15-64 : 65%
Ages65 and above: 18% estimated)
Life expectancy Male: 78 years
Female: 83 years
Currency Pound sterling (£)

Services in the areas of market entry, creation of sales channels, sales management, follow-up and management of regulations, and logistics support are provided in the field of medical devices and consumables in the UK with the collaboration of Vera Global, Sistem Global and the London subsidiary of Sistem Global, Sistem Global United Kingdom.

Services on the sales side:

  • Offline Sales Services: Public and private clinic and hospital tenders, direct purchases, locating local business partners/distributors
  •  Online Sales Services: Selling through e-commerce sites.


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