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It is vital that all businesses, small or large, that want to exist in the near or distant future digitize all their business processes. To this end, we have launched our digital consulting platform “eDanışman” for our clients.

With eDanışman, we offer integrated solutions to companies of all sizes and sectors who wish for a health growth of their companies. As a reliable technology and process consultant, we relieve the burden on companies in terms of operational processes; ensuring that they can focus on their core business and goals and increase their efficiency.

We are always at your side with our innovative solutions on eDanışman platform, whether you are a new enterprise, an SME, or a large enterprise...

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Business Management Services:

  1. Introduction to the business world (before the incorporation)
  2. Establishing Turnkey Companies
  3. Roadmap for Incentives / Support
  4. Contract Set
  5. Djiital Accounting Service
  6. Incentivized Payrolling
  7. Trademark registration
  8. Patent
  • Patent Preliminary Research
  • Domestic Applications for Patent
  • Industrial Property Support by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization
  • Copyright Applications
  1. Business Development Training (At the End of the First Year)
  2. Investor Preparation Kit

Integrated Additional Services:

  1. Pre-Accounting
  2. e-Transformation (e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Self employed invoice)
  3. Online Collection Capacity
  4. Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Identity Package
  • Central Social Media Management
  • Company Wordpress Website
  1. Virtual Office
  • Legal Address
  • Call Center
  • Cargo Management



When you set up your R&D or design center, we are the experts that you can rely on as we can anticipate the headwinds, the dead ends in the process, the hurdles on your path to lead you out of the tunnel towards the light.

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R&D and Design Centers General Management

  • Device & License Management
  • Event Calendar Management
  • Intellectual Industrial Property Rights Management
  • Financial Management (Project and Non-Project Earnings/Expenditures)
  • Follow-up of Additional Discounts for R&D/Design

Project Management

  • Project Management Screens that meet the Requirements Of The Ministries
  • Work Package and Task Delegation Menus
  • Screens for Monitoring Time Spent by Staff on Projects
  • Project Employee / Month Matrices

Full Time Equivalent and Day Calculations Module

  • Parameter Screens for Every Company and Staff
  • Monthly Full Time Equivalent Calculations
  • Income Tax Calculations
  • SSI Calculations


  • Activity reports
  • Full Time Equivalent Reports
  • Index Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Financial Data Reports
  • Optional Extra 10 Reports


With ARGEFİNANS (R&D Finance), an initiative jointly launched by Sistem Global and Aktif Bank to help you get no-collateral funding for your R & D projects. Companies who are awarded a project grant under the R&D Support Programs of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB) can get “advance payment” to fund and manage their projects.

In this context, the ARGEFİNANS Program allows you to obtain the Letter of Guarantee required by TÜBİTAK with a surety. This is intended to remove all financial obstacles that may hamper your project. Making a vital arrangement in that regard, TÜBİTAK raised the collectible “advance payment” up to 60-70% of the project budget. This way, you can get an advance payment without spending a large portion of your R&D funding.

To assess your eligibility for the advance payment, ARGEFİNANS requires no further conditions than your project being supported by any of the concerned programs; from the moment you start spending the advance payment, Sistem Danışmanlık checks its compliance with the budget program and makes it available to you.

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With the advance payment system, we will be managing the financing and related aspects of your project, creating you valuable time to focus exclusively on your R&D project and use your energy more efficiently.

To apply, visit argefinans.com and enter your company information using the "New Registration" form to sign up for the R & D finance program.

Log in to the system with your user name and password that you created during registration, enter the required information about your company and upload the requested documents. Your request for a guarantee letter is automatically sent to Aktif Bank. Once Aktif Bank receives your request for a guarantee letter, your company and proposed project are reviewed and the applicant is contacted.
Following approval of the guarantee letter by Aktif Bank, the applicant is contacted once again to handle the paperwork and sign the contracts. The guarantee letter is prepared and submitted to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB) and you are notified once the advance payment is in your account. With the added benefit of online tracking of all processes. We have launched this project to support R & D companies like yours that make significant contributions to the country’s technology landscape and we hope that we can work together in the future.


There are three alternative paths for companies that carry out R & D, design or software activities to benefit from incentives in a sustainable way:

The Advantage Compass offers businesses the opportunity to carry out both technical and financial analyses when setting up a research and development and design center; illustrating their potential gains from the accreditation while offering an assessment of their technical competencies.

  • R&D Center
  • Design Center
  • Technoparks

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www.argeyisor.com is now available to answer all your questions about R & D and design centers and prepare manufacturing and tech companies for the future. In the seminars held throughout the country, we have compiled 350 questions from R & D or design centers or those who wish to become one and made these questions and answers available on a public platform.

Advances in technology in the world and Turkey made added value products and their production more valuable. Production and management systems are being developed, and technology production sites with a special status are becoming more appealing. These sites also include R & D and design center supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology whose numbers have recently reached 2,500.

We launched www.argeyisor.com to highlight all important aspects and leave no questions unanswered about R & D and design centers that receive considerable financial support with staff costs and tax liabilities.

Argeyisor.com, a constantly updated platform, answers all questions companies ask about financial incentives and technical issues. The portal is constantly updated with new questions from users that are not already on the database. Users who post questions are informed by e-mail when their questions are answered.

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You can sees ome of the FAQs below.

  • What special grants and incentives are offered for research and development / design center?
  • How long can an R & D employee working on an R & D project benefit from employee subsidies?
  • I am a company that carries out both R & D and design activities. Should I be an R & D center or a design center?
  • Can R & D centers have staff that do not benefit from subsidies?
  • Does the income tax support also apply to technicians who are graduates of vocational schools or industrial vocational high schools?
  • · When an employer defaults on social security premiums, can he benefit from SSI employer shares?


SİBA, a free tool, acts as a compass for SMEs and entrepreneurs wishing to grow their business through distinguished tech projects, software launches and value-added production. SİBA, our state-of-the-art software, unlocks your potential to benefit from all incentives and subsidies for your Innovation, R & D, and Design projects and your efforts to go commercial and global.

Spare two minutes for a growth analysis on SİBA, which will save you considerable time on your journey. With our additional financial solutions and other services integrated into SİBA, we continue to create added value for you.

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Personal Data Management Software

Maintain your Compliance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data via a Single, Integrated Platform

  • Online Personal Data Processing Inventory
  • Management of Applications
  • Documentation Not Affected by Changes
  • Provable Open Consent Management System
  • Sector-specific Video Training Platform
  • Our Experts Answer your Questions
  • Instant Notifications of Board Decisions that Affect You

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