Since 1996, we have been providing value-added services to our customers via our offices in Turkey and across the world. Our main assets that make this possible are our qualified experts, our innovative business models and cutting-edge digital solutions


  • Our main principle in business life is to be beneficial for the society in a sustainabile fashion.
  • We are open to change and new horizons.
  • We see ourselves as reliable companions of our customers.
  • Committed to ethical values, we are genuine and transparent.
  • We lead the way in making our country and economy stronger.
  • We do our best to be equal and fair.
  • We seek continuous development for our employees and share our experience and knowledge.
  • We are stronger together, we create value in solidarity and by sharing.
  • We believe in the strength that comes with diversity, and most of all we believe in strengthening the position of women in work life.

  • Overview


    To cater to the current and future needs of our customers by integrating our global and local experience in using innovative business model and dijital solutions and making sure that we are compromising our values.



    To be an international consulting company that creates value throughout generations on an innovative and global scale.


  • Tax Based Compliance Services
  • Tax Consultancy and Management
  • R&D Based Financial Consultancy
  • Special Purpose Audits
  • Corporate Finance Services
  • IT-IP Legislation and Procedure Support
  • Employment, Obligations and Public Procurement Legislation and Procedure Support
  • Protection of Personal Data
  • International Project Financing and EPC Contracts
  • Tax Legislation Consulting

  • R&D/Design Center and Sciencepark Consultancy
  • Consultancy for the HAMLE Program
  • Project Consultancy for National R&D Funds
  • Project Consultancy for International Funds
  • Granst by the Ministry of Trade (Turquality) Funds
  • Development Funds Consultancy
  • R&D, Innovation Strategy and Management
  • Patent Innovation and Infringement Analyses
  • Patent Applications and Process Services
  • Following up Patent Based Competitor's Technologies
  • Patent Based Competitor/Technology Analysis
  • Trademark, Design and Copyright Registrations
  • Strategic Intellectual Property Managemen Consultancy
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Declaration Services
  • Financial Reports
  • Technical Payroll Reports
  • Staff Incentive Services
  • Payroll Auditing Services
  • Other Business Solution
  • Accounting and Financial Consulting
  • Applications and Licensing
  • Financial Sustainability Services
  • Managemen Reporting Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Consultancy on Turkish Trade Law
  • Investment Feasibility and Finance Consultancy



    Hüseyin Karslıoğlu


    Sibel Çetinkaya


    Necmi Ulus


    Cengiz Aydemir


    Erhan Küçüksüleymanoğlu


    Erdem Kaya




    • 1996

      • Our company was founded in Ankara.
      • We started to offer consulting, tax and auditing services.
    • 2002

      • We opened our first branch in Istanbul.
      • We started to offer services for exclusive economic zones, financial management, reporting and government incentives.
      • We turned our focus on R & D and technology.
    • 2008

      • We gave consulting to the firsat R&D Center application in Turkey.
      • We established a Legislation and Procedure Unit in our Ankara office.
    • 2011

      • We started to provide legislative and procedural services in a separate office in Istanbul.
      • We expanded our portfolio to include technology and innovation-oriented management consulting.
    • 2012

      • We committed our vital sources and invested to become a more widely known NATIONAL BRAND for consulting and auditing services.
      • At the same time, we also set our sights on becoming a GLOBAL BRAND.
    • 2013

      • We opened our branch in Gaziantep.
      • We renamed ourselves “SİSTEM GLOBAL” in accordance with our company plans and vision.
      • We started to offer technical payroll services to Technopark companies, research and development and design centers.
    • 2014

      • We started a strategic partnership with the Japanese SCS Global Counseling.
      • We decided to focus on value-added services through international partnerships.
    • 2015

      • We opened a branch in Izmir to provide services for the entire Aegean region.
      • We expanded our portfolio to include Counseling for Free Zones.
      • In order to respond to changes in the industry, we founded the first patent valuation company in Turkey, SGP A.Ş., which also does consulting work on international know-how transfer.
    • 2016

      • We opened our Adana branch.
      • We started to offer R & D counseling services in Izmir.
      • We established the first Design Center in Turkey.
      • We became a service provider for members of the Turkish Exporters Assembly nationwide, providing support with valuation, counseling and establishment of research and development and design centers.
    • 2017

      • We started to offer R & D counseling services in Bursa. 
      • We launched two new softwares ,” Advantage Compass” and “ARGERA” to make our services more innovative.
    • 2018

      • We founded İNOVABAN to provide growth strategies and process management services to companies seeking competitive advantage through R & D and innovation.
      • We expanded our portfolio to include patent services.
      • We founded Sistem Academy with the slogan "New Profession New Future".
      • We started to provide legislative and procedural support in the area of Information Technologies.
      • We started a new department to offer services in the field of intellectual and industrial property rights.
      • With the opening of our BRUSSELS office we started our journey on global waters.
    • 2019

      • We started to provide counseling on TURQUALITY.
      • We established our LONDON office, one of the most ambitious steps we took in line with our globalization goals.
      • We expanded our portfolio to include Compliance with Protection of Personal Data Law services.
      • We launched our Digital Consulting Platform: eDanışman.
      • We launched our SİBA software.
    • 2020 and Today

      • We continue to expand our scope of influence worldwide by chasing new opportunities each step of the way.
      • As part of our goal to be the first GLOBAL Consulting brand from Turkey, we continue our journey in global waters with our offices in Singapore and Berlin. We want to expand our work in the field of Patent Valuation, M& As while digitilizing our product range and take Sistem Global one step further.

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