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15 December 2022
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15 December 2022

Report on R&D and Engineering Capabilities in the Healthcare Sector in Turkey

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This report has been prepared with the aim of ensuring that the representatives of the health sector, investors and other relevant actors operating abroad have access to critical information about the Turkish health sector and to guide the investment processes that may occur.

Thanks to its strategic location, Türkiye has easy and efficient access to raw materials and markets in its region, young, dynamic and qualified workforce and large production capacity. Türkiye has the potential to produce in many different sectors and product groups. These production systems are supported by logistics and commercial services. Türkiye includes the world's leading multinational companies in areas such as research and development, production, logistics and management centre. In the report, the potential of Türkiye in sub-sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, and biomedical, was examined.

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